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Excerpts from testimonials


Editor's notes in italics:
Keith has been a Christian for many years. Keith has been on staff with a Christian drug and alcohol ministry, but continued to relapse to a cocaine addiction. Finally in frustration the director of the ministry brought him to me. 
I met with Keith five times for prayer ministry between February 5 and March
31, 2009.


"Transformation prayer ministry has truly helped me discover the root issues in my life which I could never identify. There was a mystery as to why I was continually doing the same things over and over again . . .returning to active addiction even though I knew the results would leave me worse off." 
     "This type of ministry enabled me to identify my true thoughts about myself and agree not only in my head that if I fight I will win, but also agree in my heart that if I fight I will win!! I began to believe and experience that I am worth it."
It has been more than 15 years. Keith is clean and sober and regularly checks in with me to tell me how well things are going.

I first met James at Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. He is now living independently and reporting a total loss of cravings. It has been 5 1/2 years and James is thriving in every facet of his life.


"Prior to working with Jerry, I abhorred myself, truly believing that I was the only mistake God ever made. Life, even as a Christian, was hell on earth. Every moment of every day was a horrible nightmare of an existence. I turned to alcohol and prescription drugs to numb the pain, but all they did was make life even worse. In turn, I would then use more, thereby making life even worse still. The more miserable I became, the more I used. The more I used, the more miserable I became. I was on this downward spiral for years and years, until I finally hit bottom and had to do something about my life. 
      Since that first session with Jerry, I no longer think I am a mistake- I know I'm not. I no longer abhor myself- I now love, and yes- even like myself!  Jerry will be the first to say that he was not the one who did the work in me, but God working through him. I certainly agree, however- Jerry was willing and had the wisdom and knowledge which allowed him to be used by God."

"Jerry has fulfilled many roles in my life personally, and I have witnessed his life-changing service to others. He is always well prepared, professional and wonderfully insightful. I have experienced his gift with healing prayer when my heart was in sorrow, and I could think of nowhere else to turn. His premarital counseling, and his suggestion to enter a twelve-step program in order to come to terms with the effects of my parents alcoholism have been life changing for me."

Marriage Mentoring Testamonials

We can't thank our mentors Jerry and Liz enough for strengthening and renewing our marriage.  Before we met Liz and Jerry, my husband and I would have a small difference in opinion on a subject and we had trouble learning to agree to disagree or see each others point of view.  We both wanted to be right.  We were not good at communication.  We brought in our own personal baggage into our

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