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that are unhealthy for themselves, as well as for the addict. Many  do not have overt addictions in their family, but still practice diseased patterns of relating and coping which are deeply ingrained in the family culture. While healing the family system may not always be possible, as individuals take responsibility for their part, the whole family system improves. We ultimately focus on personal wellness to achieve systemic wellness.
Our Relational Paradigm
We have found that what is broken in a relationship reflects what is broken in the individual. We believe the quality and nature of our closest relationships reflects our emotional and spiritual health.
Primary relationships are the ones closest to us. Our strongest human emotions emanate from these closest relationships. These people give us the opportunities to feel everything from livid to love. “We” are the only person we have the power or right to change. Each person must take responsibility for themselves. This does not mean that we must remain in a destructive relationship. We must take

responsibility to remove ourselves when appropriate. Lasting change can be achieved; your relationships can be transformed. You can reclaim your life regardless of choices others make. You are not a victim.


Healing Prayer
What we believe determines the course of our lives. Many times what we experience in our present circumstances does not cause our emotional pain but triggers pain from erroneous beliefs rooted in our past. When we can draw down that reservoir of pain, the energy that drives addiction and other destructive behaviors is decreased. 

Healing Prayer is a type of facilitated prayer that helps you embrace what you are feeling, discover its roots, identify the belief that is causing the pain and then gives you an opportunity to invite Jesus to reveal truth to you. It is an exercise in bringing the real me to the real God. Transformation and peace is always the result.

Most of the lies that cause our pain are not conscious to us. When we get to the source we usually find emotional wounds and unmet love-needs.  Sometimes the pain is truth-based. This is usually a time for acceptance, grieving, letting go, releasing sadness etc. Often it leads to forgiveness which can be achieved through a very orderly process of steps. Either way you will have an opportunity to invite supernatural healing into the pain. Peace follows truth as surely as pain follows lies. 


We start with what a person is feeling in the present moment to discover their roots. We feel what we believe. When a threat looms ahead we feel anxiety, when we are in danger we feel fear, when we believe we are not accepted we feel rejected, when an injustice occurs we feel anger. Our feelings don’t tell us what is true. Even if our belief is false our feelings will tell us what is believed. Since we originally interpreted and believed these lies experientially, it takes an experience of the truth to change them. Moving from lies to truth and from knowledge to belief is a spiritual process.

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