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What Sets Us Apart
A Holistic Approach
The emotional, relational and spiritual parts of ourselves cannot be separated. Weakness, brokenness or disease in one area affects all others. Likewise, growth and healing in one area advances the others.   
We are not counselors
We don’t diagnose or label. Knowledge helps, but falls short of healing. Understanding clarifies, but does not bring about resolution.  We do not depend on our own wisdom; instead, we rely on spiritual solutions. The first three of the 12 steps can be summarized as, “I can’t. He can. Will I let Him?” Desiring change and being willing to change are not the same. A person's will is revealed in their actions. We cannot control the outcome of your circumstances, but we can create opportunities for change.
12 Step Recovery
Addiction is rampant. There are the obvious addictions to drugs and alcohol, as well as more subtle addictions such as work, food, sex, money, control, power, significance, lethargy, pleasure, love and procrastination. Many of these may seem noble or harmless at first, but slowly they take control of our lives and become destructive. Most of the time we are blind to their effects and continue in denial and self-justification, leaving in our wake a trail of destruction and broken relationships. Many who struggle in relationships fail to see their own addictive patterns. The 12 steps provide a powerful yet gentle tool to help put the pieces back together. All that we do embraces the 12 Steps and is compatible with them.
Spiritual Tools
No spiritual growth can occur without respecting a person’s will. Each step of the way, we make suggestions or provide tools for making the next step. We offer insight without asking for agreement. We express what we believe, and share what has been successful for us. We offer guidance on how to develop your ‘conscious contact’ with God  to move past barriers, allowing you to receive the strength and guidance you desire. We facilitate communion with God, which is the foundation of all healthy relationships.

Family Systems
Family systems refers to how one’s addiction affects the entire family. Addiction grows within and is perpetuated by the family system. Family members often develop coping behaviors
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