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Life Coaching is a co-creative relationship focused on moving forward. Coach Liz will help you identify changes you want to make and then create a plan with accountability to help you reach your goals. 


Spiritual Direction

How does your spiritual life affect your emotional and relational well-being? What you say, feel and do are derived from what you believe. Your reality is birthed from your belief system, no matter how false those beliefs may be. You are what you believe. We use some powerful tools to integrate thoughts, feelings, and actions with truth. This is your time, your chance to discover a new life well within your reach. 


Marriage Mentoring

We address all phases of  Marriage; Pre-engagment, Preparation for Marriage, Enrichment and Repair. Customized sessions are designed specifically to fulfill your needs. The core program dedicates 12 hours to discovering strength and growth areas, skill building, and renewing the chemistry and passion that first brought you together.

Preparation For Marriage

Many divorces occur in part because couples are not prepared for marriage. Couples often spend more time preparing for the wedding than they do for the marital relationship.         

The Prepare relationship assessment is a highly effective tool which gives us a detailed picture of your relationship. It has the ability to predict to within 80% accuracy whether a couple will get divorced or remain happily married three years down the road. 


Certified Marriage Mentors will meet with you in scheduled sessions to review the inventory results. This couple to couple relationship serves to enlighten, train, equip, and help you make informed decisions. Participation in a Preparing For Marriage small group is highly recommended.


Plans for your married life should precede plans for a wedding. Please allow 6 to 9 months for this process.

Marriage Enrichment

Have you settled into a daily grind, merely co-existing? Have you ceased to bring each other joy?


The Enrich* program is a powerful tool designed to help you grow in communication, intimacy, discovering your sacred purpose together. The program consists of the Enrich inventory plus scheduled sessions for couple to couple mentoring.

The Enrich inventory is a highly effective tool that gives you a detailed picture of your relationship. It helps you discover your relationship strengths and develop new ones. You will learn new communication, assertiveness and active listening skills. Together we will explore growth areas and discover skills and tools for conflict resolution, budgeting, parenting, and goal setting. Participation in a Sacred Marriage small group is highly recommended.    


This process combines awareness, intentional disciplines and a Christian theology of marriage to equip you to take the necessary steps to bring about positive change. 

Marriage Repair

Does your marriage bring you pain instead of joy? Are there areas of avoidance, fear, or conflict? Is your relationship characterized by anger and mistrust? Does your marriage drain you? Unhappiness in marriage has roots that are spiritual, emotional and relational. We focus on causes to find cures.       


The program consists of the Enrich* inventory plus scheduled sessions for couple to couple mentoring and personal ministry. The first step is to take an on-line assessment. The Enrich inventory asks a series of more than 200 questions to assess a couple’s agreement and conflicts in 14 broad categories. The inventory results will be reviewed to enlighten, train and equip you to effect positive change in your marriage.


Participation in a Sacred Marriage small group is highly recommended.


Marital happiness is a complex intertwining of the spiritual, emotional and relational aspects of our being. A healthy marriage occurs when each partner takes personal responsibility for his or her part. We have found that what is broken in a relationship reflects what is broken in the individual. 


The emotional, relational and spiritual parts of ourselves cannot be separated. A problem in one area affects the others. On the other hand, growth and healing in one area enhances the others. You can experience emotional, relational and spiritual health that will enable you to live peacefully regardless of your circumstances.


Lasting change can be achieved; your relationships can be transformed. You can reclaim your life regardless of choices others make. You are not a victim.

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*Prepare-Enrich is a product of Life Innovations, Inc. whose sole mission "is to build strong marriages and healthy relationships." Since 1980, over 100,000 Prepare/Enrich counselors have been trained and over 3 million couples have completed on of the inventories.

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